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What does "Having your own website" mean to you?

An automated system that makes money even while you sleep?
Imagine how your life will change if you have a system to    put money into your account automatically. Would you like to wake up to find how much money you made while you were sleeping EVERY MORNING?

A secure place to keep in touch with people important to you?
Share your life with your family and friends without having to rely on a public site system!  With public blogs and photo albums, you never know who is viewing your private world. With Site-Machine.com, creating your own website with password protection is as easy as 123.
A ticket to become a member of The A-Team?
Would an ability to create a website just like expensive corporate sites give you an opportunity for a promotion, or an excellent grade for your next project? How about using your own site for the next presentation? The site can be re-visited by people you want. Keep the clients interested, keep the information up-to-date, and keep in touch with the important people!

And why don't you have the website you always wanted right now?

Is it too difficult to build? Too expensive? Or perhaps you just don't know who to ask?

What if you could have your own

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That's right. Making your own website is so easy with the "Site-Machine"!  In fact it's so easy, your own website will be up and running in the cyber space

... within
just 5 minutes !

And YES, almost anyone can do this!

Adding and changing text to your site is as easy as typing a letter with our Word Style editor.  If you can use MS Word, you can use our builder.

Adding images is as easy as clicking the mouse and choosing your image.

You can customize your site to almost any look and feel you want.

By using one of the 1050+ templates, or have one custom made to suite your needs.

What Makes it Easy?

More Amazing Features !!

Carrier Class Security
Built-in Contents Management System
5 Free Email Accounts
2000+ Images Library
Shopping Cart
VeriSign Secure Certified
Auto Responders
Feedback Forms
Private Message Board
Online Poll Booth
Multimedia for Video/Audio/Flash
Photo Albums
Links Page
Password Protection
HTML, CSS, Java Script capable.
Up to 500 pages per site.
Plus Much More !

Never Pay for the
Content Management System again!

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Successful e-Business TODAY!

Imagine having your own e-Store, a fully functional website that makes money while you sleep! 

Imagine everything you need to have and manage a successful eBusiness is right at your finger tips.

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It can really be YOURS TODAY with
"Site-Machine.com" by CWN Graphics.

With "Site-Machine",  thousands of dollars worth in features are automatically included with your site.

And you never have to upgrade or download new features. All you need is right here, right now!

These features include, shopping cart, newsletter,
auto-responders, catalogue, secure server certificates, search engine registration, chat room, photo album, multi-media player, online polls, customer submission forms, links, order tracking, coupons, and much more!

But that's just the beginning. You can sell and market
like the pros. Your site comes fully integrated with , , and .

With "Site-Machine", making money online has never been easier.

More on eBusiness...     

The Best Things in Life are FREE!

Yes, FREE! CWN Graphics wants to ensure you get the website you have always dreamed of.

That's why we offer you our free online support, 24hours / 7days.

If you ever have a question, you have the comfort of knowing that
the experts of  "Site-Machine" support team will be immediately assigned to help you.  

We guarantee that every enquiry is answered within 1 Business day.

33 Chapters of Online Documentations 33 Chapters of Online Documentations 250+ Knowledge Base250+ Knowledge BaseContact Support Team!Contact Support Team!

"Your customer service delivers timely, accurate responses with a cheerful, friendly tone. No techno-babble here - just answers in real English! What a dynamite adjunct to your extremely powerful and user- friendly web site builder. "
Fran Greicius
Plant / Garden Site

© CWN Australia Pty. Ltd. 2007

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"The websites are Idiot Proof. I just entered my text, picked my features and my site was magically done. No Problem!"
Janet Nixon

"My web site pages are as good or better than some of my friends who are in the same type of business. They also are amazed especially when one considers they paid upwards of $6,000.00
for their sites. No Kidding! "

Dale McIntosh
AMJ Funding Group

"I just want to tell you how great your website builder is. Yours is
the most logical and easiest to use. Then I get the message from you offering more help. I must be in heaven!"
Robert Jacobson
Online Sales

"One of the most powerful ways to create a professional looking website "
David Chalk
Chalk TV
TV Computer Expert

Perfect ! You don't need to.

Our builder is so easy to use, you don't need any programming or design experience to use it.

Our features are all pre-built, ready for you to use, right now!

If you can type a letter and click a mouse, you will be able to build a great website.

If you do have programming skills, then our builder can accommodate for you as well.

With full html, java script, and CSS, capabilities, there are endless ways to create an awesome site.

Custom Designed Graphics
Just for YOU.

Are you worried your website may not look great?

May be  you want a very special website with your own graphics, logo or banner?

No problem!  With "CWN Graphics" on your side, you don't even need to know how to design.

Our very talented team of designers can create a beautiful website to your specification.

We can also design a logo, a banner, or any other graphics designed for your website.

Of course, with the easy to use "Site-Machine" technology, you are free to add or modify the contents anytime you wish.

And best of all, having a professional graphic designer for your site doesn't cost you a fortune with "CWN Graphics".

We offer "Site-Machine" customers a huge discount from our already affordable price.

So why not check out our Graphic services?

Visit www.cwngraphics.com today!

There are two payment plans to suite your needs.  And you only pay when you decide to keep the site.
In fact, Site-Machine will not even ask for your credit card details, until you are ready for your online success.

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